Vision & Mission

Vision Statement

We believe that all children, regardless of the economic, geographic, religious and social circumstances into which they were born, are enhanced by engaging in educational experiences that challenge their abilities and cultivate habits of excellence. All students enrolled at Cardinal Shehan School are recognized for their talents, abilities and special gifts. The Cardinal Shehan School Community will maintain high expectations for all students in order to assist them in achieving their fullest academic and personal potential.

Mission Statement

Cardinal Shehan School is a peaceful school community dedicated to maintaining and upholding Catholic traditions and doctrines in a safe environment. We believe in developing the whole child in a positive atmosphere that encourages creative and critical thinking. We nurture students’ natural abilities and create opportunities for growth by challenging them to achieve their highest potential. We believe that as an educational and spiritual community, we set standards of achievement by modeling behavior, demonstrating how to work collaboratively, and recognizing and appreciating diversity in others.