Faculty & Staff

It's the ministry of Catholic educators to embody the faith in everything they do. They model and teach children how to form a personal relationship with Jesus and build a foundation for lifelong learning and discipleship. Meet our talented and dedicated faculty and staff!


Fametta Jackson Principal
Corinne Davidson Assistant Principal cdavidson@archbalt.org


Mr. BraceySeventh Grade 7-A mbracey@cardinalshehanschool.org
Mr. CoonsMiddle School Social Studies 7-B kcoons@cardinalshehan.org
Mrs. DavenportKindergarten K-A ddavenport@cardinalshehanschool.org
Ms. GoldenForth Grade 4-B kgolden@cardinalshehanschool.org
Ms. LuciusThird Grade 3-A blucius@cardinalshehanschool.org
Ms. WhiteThird Grade 3-B twhite@cardinalshehanschool.org
Sr. StacySpanish/Technology sgunnip@archbalt.org
Ms. HardisonMusic Teacher/ Y.A.T.T.A.S Director khardison@cardinalshehanschool.org
Mrs. Hawley-CreightonKindergarten K-B kcreighton@cardinalshehanschool.org
Ms. JonesMiddle School Math 8-A rjones@cardinalshehanschool.org
Ms. KellyEighth Grade 8-B akelly@cardinalshehanschool.org
Mrs. LeePre-K 3 dlee@cardinalshehanschool.org
Ms. ColleySixth Grade 6-A scolley@cardinalshehanschool.org
Ms. McCormick Middle School Science 6-B bmccormick@cardinalshehanschool.org
Mrs. MonroePhysical Education hmonroe@cardinalshehanschool.org
Mrs. PaulsonFirst Grade 1-B spaulson@cardinalshehanschool.org
Mrs. MeehanFirst Grade 1-A kmeehan@cardinalshehanschool.org 
Ms. PlazaPre-K 4 lplaza@cardinalshehanschool.org
Ms. TaylorArt / Library ltaylor@cardinalshehanschool.org
Ms. RatliffFifth Grade 5-A artliff@cardinalshehanschool.org
Ms. ThomasFifth Grade 5-B sthomas@cardinalshehanschool.org
Ms. GoldenFourth Grade 4-B kgolden@cardinalshehanschool.org
Ms. Bowser-AsheForth Grade 4-A zbowserashe@cardinalshehanschool.org
Ms. LuciusSecond Grade 3-A blucius@cardinalshehanschool.org
Mrs. WellingSecond Grade 2-A swelling@cardinalshehanschool.org

Support Staff

Mrs. Long Administrative Assistant rlong@cardinalshehanschool.org
Ms. Peterson Advancement Director jpeterson@cardinalshehanschool.org 
Mrs. Davenport Child Care Coordinator ddavenport@cardinalshehanschool.org
Ms. Gilllis Pre-K 4 Teacher Assistant agillis@cardinalshehanschool.org
Mrs. Lyles Pre-K 3 Teacher Assistant dlyles@cardinalshehanschool.org