As we return to in-person activities, the Cardinal Shehan School is excited to share the news of the return of Basketball!

Update - 2/9/2022

Because of the uncertainty of the CYO league (i.e. suspension of league play and the CSS after-school activities pause) which was due the unpredictable pandemic team uniforms were not ordered and refunds will be given to the parents during Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, of your child's practice sessions. Please see Lynne Matthew. 

Update - 12/2/2021

Below is the Game Schedule

Girls 8-10

12/5/2021Cardinal Shehan vs. Immaculate Conception@ Cathedral
12/12/2021Cardinal Shehan vs. Immaculate Heart of Mary@ Cathedral
12/19/2021Cardinal Shehan vs. St. Michael - St. Clement@ Cathedral
01/09/2022Cardinal Shehan vs. St. Ursula@ Cathedral
01/16/2021Cardinal Shehan vs. BYE@ Cathedral

Boys 8-10

12/11/2021Cardinal Shehan vs. St. Ursula@ Immaculate Conception School
12/18/2021Cardinal Shehan vs. Cathedral@ Immaculate Conception School
01/08/2022Cardinal Shehan vs. BYE@ Immaculate Conception School
01/15/2022ICS vs. Cardinal Shehan@ Immaculate Conception School
01/22/2022St. Margaret vs. Cardinal Shehan@ Immaculate Conception School

Girls 10-12

12/05/2021St. Ursula vs. Cardinal Shehan@ St. Ursula
12/12/2021Cardinal Shehan vs. Cathedral@ St. Ursula
12/19/2021Cardinal Shehan vs. St. Margaret@ St. Ursula
01/02/2022Cardinal Shehan vs. IHM@ St. Ursula
01/09/2022Cardinal Shehan vs. ICS@ St. Ursula

Boys 10-12

12/04/2021Cathedral II vs. Cardinal Shehan@ Cathedral
12/11/2021ICS vs. Cardinal Shehan@ Cathedral
12/18/2021Cathedral I vs. Cardinal Shehan@ Cathedral
01/08/2022St. Joseph vs. Cardinal Shehan@ Cathedral
01/15/2021SJF vs. Cardinal Shehan@ Cathedral

Boys 12-14

12/03/2021Cardinal Shehan vs. Cathedral@ IHM
12/10/2021St. Joseph Fullerton vs. Cardinal Shehan@ IHM
12/17/2021Mother Seton vs. Cardinal Shehan@ IHM
01/07/2022St. Michael-St. Clement vs. Cardinal Shehan@ IHM
01/14/2022Immaculate Conception vs. Cardinal Shehan@ IHM

League Locations

School NameSchool Address
School of the Cathedral111 Amberly Way, Baltimore, MD 21210
Immaculate Conception School112 Ware Avenue, Towson, MD 21204
St. Ursula School8900 Harford Road, Baltimore, MD 21234
Immaculate Heart of Mary School8501 Loch Raven Blvd., Towson, MD 21286

Update - 11/30/2021

All paperwork and fees are due Wednesday Dec. 1st. The students who do not have a CSS basketball uniform must wear their PE uniforms to the games.  After the Dec. 1st deadline, uniforms will be ordered for those who have paid. 

CYO Safety Precautions

  1. Everyone coming into the gym must wear a mask. Players and officials will have the option of not wearing a mask during the game.
  2. Only one person can accompany a player to the game.
  3. Players, coaches and spectators should all carry a small container of hand sanitizer with them.
  4. Players need to carry a backpack to hold their water bottles, hand sanitizer, mask and any other item they will need at the game. You cannot use the water fountains at the game site.
  5. Players should put their coat, jacket or sweatshirt on the bench and sit on that during the game.
  6. Players make sure that after the game you take all your belongings. Using the backpack should help keeping everything together.
  7. Players after the game you will not line up to congratulation the other team. Just say good game from your bench area.
  8. Any player who does not feel well the day of a game should not come. Parents I know that your child wants to play even if they don’t feel well. Don’t let them come.
  9. Coaches do not let any player come to a game who has any symptoms of illness.
  10. Coaches make sure there is only one person with each player and they have a mask on.
  11. Players and coaches should not arrive at the gym earlier then fifteen minutes before game time.
  12. If a player tests positive for COIVD the coach must notify any other players they may have been in close contact with them when symptoms started.
  13. Because of the tight schedule for games we will not be able to make up games if a team misses a game because of COVID.


The deadline for submitting the $65 uniform fee has been extended to Tuesday Nov. 23, 2021. Please submit fees to Ms. Smith by 12 noon on Tuesday. Every student must have a Cardinal Shehan Basketball uniform to play.

Rosters & Schedules

Girls 8-10

Practice will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:00pm-6:10pm. 

Coaches: M. Sykes & J. Sykes

Player NameGrade
Peyton Sharp4A
Zoe Sykes4A
Aubri Beverly4A
Reagan Russell5B
Daneen Funderburk5B
McKenzie Rubio4B
Madison Franklin4A
Azaiah Jeffers5B
Alexandria Flowers4A
Riley Johnson5B
Reagan Robertson5B
Taija Oliver4B

Girls 10-12

Practice will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:20pm-7:30pm. 

Coaches: Johnson & Durant

Player NameGrade
Kennedy Thigpen6B
Chanel Bevans6A
Ivyona Wise7B
Laila Miller6A
Camille Carmichael6A
Zhiya Beasley7A

Boys 8-10

Practice will be held on Mondays and Wednesdays from 5:00pm-6:10pm. 

Coaches: Beverly & Miles

Player NameGrade
Kevin Ringgold4B
William Bevans4A
Nasir Wallace4A
Ethan Brown5A
Javon Spratley3B
Zane Miller5B
Kendall Hyman5A
Brayden Forrest5A
Micah Jackson3B
Jonathan Brown5B

Boys 10-12

Practice will be held on Mondays and Wednesdays from 6:20pm-7:30pm. 

Coaches: Faulkner & Jackson

Student NameGrade
Amari Marshall6A
Logan O'Neil
Korey Ringgold6A
Darrius Hamilton7A
Dominic Edman
Seven Thompson6A
Noah Wilson
Charlie Nelson7B
Jacob Conway7A

Boys 12-14

Practice will be held on Tuesdays 7:40pm-8:50pm and Fridays from 5:00pm-6:10pm

Coaches: Mobley & Matthews

Player NameGrade
Jaylen Franklin8B
Jeremiah Walker8B
Korey Collins8B
Caleb Tarver8B
Kyran Davis7A
Zavian Green7A
Keishaun Ringgold7B
Heber Brown7A


In order to qualify for the teams, students must try out. Tryouts will be held on:

Tuesday, October 26

Thursday, October 28

Friday, October 29

TimeTuesday, October 26Thursday, October 28Friday, October 29
5pm-6:45pm8-10 Girls8-10 Boys12-14 girls
CoachesSykes & SykesBeverly & MilesK. Fields & R. Fields
7pm-8:45pm10-12 Boys10-12 Girls12-14 Boys
CoachesFaulkner & JacksonJohnson & DurantMobley

Basketball tryouts will be closed - only students who are trying out will be allowed in the gym at that time. 

Please drop your student(s) off at the side entrance of the gym, and pick them up promptly at the end of their tryout time. 

Students must be wearing a mask when in the building. 

If you have any questions, please contact Lynne Matthews at 443-255-1657.