After School Activities

Updated June 8, 2022 12:17pm

Summer Programs

All after school activities have been paused until further notice. 

After School Activities

This year, we are resuming some of our afterschool activities. Currently, we will be offering Basketball, Cheerleading, and YATTAS. Be on the lookout for more activities to come soon!


This year, we are bringing back our basketball teams!


In order to qualify for the teams, students must try out. Tryouts will be held on:

Tuesday, October 26

Thursday, October 28

Friday, October 29

TimeTuesday, October 26Thursday, October 28Friday, October 29
5pm-6:45pm8-10 Girls8-10 Boys12-14 girls
CoachesSykes & SykesBeverly & MilesK. Fields & R. Fields
7pm-8:45pm10-12 Boys10-12 Girls12-14 Boys
CoachesFaulkner & JacksonJohnson & DurantMobley

Basketball Information


Coach Smith is excited to revitalize the Cheerleading Team at Cardinal Shehan! 


Tryouts to qualify for the team will be held on Wednesday,10/13/21 and Friday, 10/15/21. 


Wednesday - 3 to 4.

Friday - 3 to 5.

Where: CSS Gym

Score Sheet: 

  • Jumps - 10 points
  • Cheer Questions - 10 points
  • Dance - 10 points
  • Cheer Appearance - 10 points
  • Cheer - 10 points

Qualifying for the Team

During tryouts, Coach Smith will give students a cheer. Students must be able to successfully perform the cheer to qualify.

The cheer is as follows:

Cheer: “One”
One, we are the Cardinals 
Two, a little bit louder
Three, I still can’t hear
Four, more, more, more!
One, we are the Cardinals
Two, a little bit louder
Three, I still can’t hear
Four, more, more, more!

Cheer Dance and Cheer Jumps

Cheer Dance: performance must be a minimum of 30 seconds no longer than 1 minute. Be creative with your cheer dance. Please check out cheer dances on YouTube.

Wow the judges with different cheerleading jumps. Below, you will find a photo of cheerleading jumps. 


Email Coach Smith


Under the direction of Ms. Kenyatta Hardison, our mission is to provide young artist the opportunity to have fun as they explore their artistic abilities in an exciting, noncompetitive, nurturing environment.  We work to develop creative personal realization in at least one of the performing arts areas. Our program offers Drama, Dance, Hip/Hop, and Tiny Tots Choir.  All the above areas are used to prepare for performances throughout the year.

This year there will be some changes to the program.  One major change is the payment process will be through Y.A.T.T.A.S. will be hosting its own winter and spring recitals as well as other venues.  This will give the young artists more of an opportunity to display their talents. We hope to have more exciting opportunities this coming year.

Beginners/Advance Drama

Pantomime, improvisation, progressive storytelling, articulation, dramatic role play.  Audition techniques are added to the basic creative drama skills for fun.

Tiny Tots Dance

Music, movement, discipline, balance and the basic dance steps are introduced in a fun way. Ballet, modern and jazz dance are evenly incorporated in the 45min. class time using various genres of music.  Performance opportunity.

Beginners Dance

Students will learn the fundamental techniques of modern, jazz and ballet incorporated into creative movement.  Explore choreography through more complicated dance routine.  Performance opportunity.

Advance Dance

Advance level of technique and movement tailored to meet the physical and learning need of the student.  Develop and execute choreography as well as engage in cooperative learning opportunities.  Performance opportunity.

Tiny Tots Choir

Pre-k - 2nd graders who love to sing.  Students will be introduced to vocal control, diction and projection.  Students will learn a variety of repertoire for performance.

Hip Hop

Students will learn the popular creative urban cultural moves with sacred and clean music.


Tiny Tots and Beginners: Pink short sleeved leotards, pink footless tights.

Advance Dancers: Black short sleeved leotards and flesh tone tights.

Hip Hop: Sweatpants, t-shirts/sweat shirts (NO JEANS) and tennis shoes.


All registration will take place on. Please register on line and send in your payment. For your convenience you can pay with your card on this site but there is a 3.6 percent convenience fee. Yattas also has a Cash app acct $YATTAS03. The credit card process is very minimal.

Cash or Check Payments

Payments are sent to the office with Yattas and your child name on the envelope. All payments are in three month increments around the three main performances throughout the year Oct 1, Jan 2, and April 9. Must be paid or child cannot attend class. If paid by check make it out to Y.A.T.T.A.S. Inc. including child’s full name. Returned check fee 40.00. There is no refund once child takes the class. Attendance and participation is mandatory so that students will be prepared for performances.  All Students are expected to perform in the performances. If for any reason your child cannot attend performances, please communicate or you will be responsible for the costume.

Register for YATTAS

Need more information? Please see this document for more details.